Presentation Title
Ms. Katie Costello
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Perspectives on Invasive Alien Species in the Marine Environment
Mr. Guillaume Drillet
Global TestNet / SGS Testing & Control Services
1) Ballast Water Sampling and Analysis – 15 Years of Development and the Needs for Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
2) Working Towards Comparable and Accurate Test Results – The Role of Global TestNet at the IMO
Dr. Nermin Hasanspahić
Maritime Department, University of Dubrovnik
Port-Specific Ballast Water Risk Assessment
Ms. Lilia Khodjet El Khil
GEF‑UNDP‑IMO GloFouling Partnerships
Tackling Invasive Aquatic Species Introduced by Ships Biofouling Through Technical Cooperation
Dr. Theofanis Karayannis
IMO / Marine Environment Division
Update on the Implementation of the BWM Convention
Mr. John Lewis
Biofouling Management Services, Castlemaine, Australia
Marine Biofouling: best practice management to minimise environmental impact
Dr. Vladimir Mamaev
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Innovative and Transformative Partnerships for Ocean Governance, IMO/UNDP/GEF
Ms. Marcie (Shove) Merksamer
Ballast Water Equipment Manufacturers Association (BEMA)
Manufacturers & Suppliers Supporting Global Implementation of Biosecurity Regulations
Dr. Sergej Olenin
Marine Research İnstitute, Klaipėda University
Information Support and Target Species Selection for Granting Exemptions Under the IMO Regulation A-4
Mr. Atef Ouerghi
Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA)
Barcelona Conventions’ Perspectives on Non Indigenous Species Management
Dr. Marta Ruiz
Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)
HELCOM Approach to Address NIS